Student Access

Student Access provides resources and support to empower students toward academic and social success in an inclusive and accessible environment.

How to get the help you need.

Davenport University is committed to providing opportunities, resources, and support to help students achieve their goals. This commitment includes providing assistance to students with disabilities. This process must be student-initiated and is not retroactive.

Students should contact the Student Access Coordinator at their campus to request accommodations as early as possible in order to have proper documentation ready for their faculty at the start of the semester. Each students situation is unique and may require differentiation of time to process. 

  • Contact the Student Access Coordinator at their campus
  • Obtain Verification of Disability Form and submit the form to their medical professional to complete the necessary pages
  • Student uploads the completed Verification of Disability form here and requests accommodation

Any information provided on a voluntary basis shall be used for the sole purpose of assessing accommodation requests and plan effective academic accommodations and auxiliary aids or services while they are enrolled. Disability-related documentation is treated as medical information and must be secured separately from academic records. This information is shared only on a limited, need-to-know basis within the institution.  

If you have any questions, please visit our Student Access: FAQ or email Kassy Clark, Campus Life Coordinator, at